Never Summer Premier

Never Summer Premier

Classic and smooth riding is how Never Summer describes their Premier snowboard. We have been hearing the same thing from riders. The NeverSummer Premier is an all-mountain snowboard combining Never Summer's STS advanced fiberglass and Carbon VXT technologies. The boards tip profile and sidecut make it a great freeriding board. The Never Summer Premier comes in sizes 150, 154, 157, 159 and 161.

We have heard countless people say this is the smoothest board they have ever ridden! On the other side of the coin, we have also heard several people say this is one of the heavier snowboards they have ridden. Other words to describe this board are solid, durable and fast - with many people saying it is the fastest board they have ever ridden. Add Never Summer's three year warranty and it is definitely worth a try.

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Compare Prices on the Never Summer Premier

Product NameMerchant NameRetail PriceSale Price
Never Summer Concept$219.95$175.96
Never Summer Motive Longboard SkateboardPeter Glenn Ski & Sports$249.99$224.99
Never Summer Premier F1$509.99$356.99
Never Summer Premier F1$509.99$356.99
Never Summer Infinity Snowboard - Women's 2014evo$459.99$367.99
Never Summer Heritage$559.99$391.99
Never Summer Premier F1 Snowboard 2014evo$509.99$407.99
Never Summer Summit$599.99$419.99
Never Summer Cobra X Snowboard -$559.99$419.99
Never Summer Heritage Snowboard 2014evo$559.99$447.99

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  1. Comment by Michael

    This review is for the new F1 Premier. Got to demo the new F1 today and now have a new favorite board. Don’t get me wrong, my Heritage is truelly wonderfull, but the new F1 has all the possitive traits of the old Premier and Heritage combined. It will carve like an alpine board but turns as quick as the Heritage and is just as stable as ever. The new board is noticably lighter than yesterdays premiers, both in your hands and under your feet. The pop is improved and on par with the Heritage (even with the heavy dampning… go figure). The really big difference is that a fast run down the moutain left me feeling triumphant. On my Heritage I felt tired and triumphant. Loading the tail for a kicker is predictable and uneventfull. The landings are really smooth and stable. I love my Heritage, but the next time I’m shoppin, it will be for an F1 Premier.


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